We proudly present: Our new Laans

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We would like to take this opportunity to present our first major wagon conversion project for 2021. We have chosen a robust Laans as the basis and have reworked it from the ground up and brought it up to the state of the art. This is how a timber transporter became a state-of-the-art wagon for transporting commercial vehicles.
The basis
A classic Laans with a robust structure that was mainly used for timber transport.
Complete overhaul of the wagon floor
Installation of safety platform and ramp flaps
Special equipment: Wheel chock
Replacement of the brake system with conversion to K-sole
and lots more
The new field of application
With the new Laans, vehicle transports can now be handled, especially from the commercial vehicle segment, e.g.: Tractors Motorhomes / caravans Minibuses Tractors Also: military vehicles


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