EasyTrain – reach your destination quickly and flexibly with duisport and ERR

During his time in operational international rail transport, Tiberiu Buzás always wished for one thing: a quick solution for the unproblematic handling of spot transports. Simply hiring a train quickly – a product that usually brought a weary smile to the lips of railway circles. It’s not possible, it’s too expensive, too complicated. But anyone who knows Tiberiu Buzás knows that “can’t” doesn’t really exist in his vocabulary. At least not when he sees a clear advantage in the matter. So the desire for a solution always remained in the back of his mind. This year, together with his team from ERR European Rail Rent GmbH, he turned thoughts and ideas into action. ERR – in cooperation with duisport agency and duisport rail – launched the “EasyTrain” pilot project virtually on its doorstep at the port of Duisburg.
Hello Mr Buzás! With EasyTrain, the ERR European Rail Rent GmbH and duisport agency GmbH now offer short-term rail freight transport at the Port of Duisburg. What does this service look like? Tiberiu Buzás: We are very pleased to be able to offer customers of the Port of Duisburg customers EasyTrain. The product is quickly explained: at the port we provide a complete a complete set of container wagons for short-term hire at the port. for short-term hire. 22 wagons are available around the clock to handle spot transports or to compensate for delays. What advantages does this offer duisport customers? Tiberiu Buzás: In the event of train delays, train cancellations or spot transport, customers usually switch to trucks. Train sets are rarely available ad hoc. At least not where they are needed at the moment.
Tiberiu Buzás, Managing Director and Head of Sales of ERR European Rail Rent GmbH
That’s where we come in with EasyTrain: Thanks to the cooperation with duisport, provision at the port is guaranteed. This not only eliminates expensive transfer costs, but also reduces response times to a minimum. In addition to short-term rental, we also offer flexible rental periods. So there is no longer any reason to shift these transports to the truck. From our point of view, EasyTrain is therefore also a good way to further relieve the traffic volume around the Port of Duisburg. And how does EasyTrain work? How does the booking process work? Tiberiu Buzás: The booking process is extremely uncomplicated, subject to availability: Customers registered with ERR can call up the train set by telephone or e-mail.  From the moment of rental, the customer has round-the-clock access to the set. Incidentally, the first rentals have already been made. So far, the feedback on the product and booking has been consistently positive.


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