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New build wagons: Rens for Keram

Even if the sun didn’t shine, our wagons did – as befits real track construction wagons.
Once again, we were able to successfully hand over Rens from new construction to our customers. Claus Bäumler (Managing Director of Keram GmbH), Norbert Wagner (Eiffage Infra-Rail GmbH) and Maxi Rittich (ERR European Rail Rent) were also on the track. Many thanks for the very good meeting!
This is a new example of the segment expansion at ERR: currently we have set our sights on the track-laying and construction material wagons. We are starting with the Rens wagons, other wagons of the Eamnos type as well as the basic Fac type will follow in the course of the year.
So our new-build team has a lot to do.
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