Newly revised wagons: Rps1 for Stahlwerk Thüringen

Thuringia again, one day later, weather much better ☀. The reason for the meeting in the track of #StahlwerkThüringen is again a handover of wagons, this time of 12 newly revised and refurbished Rps1 wagons for the customer. Here, a total of 48 of our tried and tested “steel transporters” (steel profiles, pipes, hollows, long rails and all kinds of semi-finished and finished steel products) will soon replace the previous fleet of factory-owned wagons. High-quality steel profiles are transported for the international market, predominantly in internal or near-plant traffic. Meeting on site (from right): Jan Beier (Operations Manager Connecting Railway and RU, Stahlwerk Thüringen), Robby Näder (Foreman Workshop & Transport, Stahlwerk Thüringen) and Andreas Seipel (Sales Field Service ERR). We would also like to thank them for the very pleasant meeting! #freight wagon #logistics #steel


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